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Purification a drabble for LuxKen27 - Welcome to Ragnarok
Stand with the Aesir on the Rainbow Bridge
Purification a drabble for LuxKen27
Title: Purification
Author: landofthekwt
Rating: G
Genre: out out damn spot
Word Count:325
Universe: Canon
Prompt: Kikyou drabble for LuxKen 27
Warning: blood Spoiler for Anime Episode 147
Summary: Kikyou tries to purify herself

She stood underneath the waterfall lost in thought.. Lately, she spent more time purifying herself than she did the jewel.

She thought she had found her mission in life. Purifying and protecting the Sacred Jewel was one of the highest goals that the kami could have placed in anyone’s hands.

It changed when the hanyou came into her life. His life paralleled her own. He wanted the jewel not for power, but to be a full youkai instead of half-youkai and half human. Just like her he was alone.

In some ways she envied him. When she first met him he was human. More human than she was.At least he was human one night a month whereas she was never allowed to human.

It was because of his humanity that she could not bring herself to kill him even she easily overpowered. He was not like any of the many youkai who came for the jewel.

He did not take advantage of her weakness the first night they met to kill her where any other human or youkai would have done so. When she asked him about it all he would say was that he believed in fighting fairly.

His remark at their last battle that he could always track her by the bloody demon smell on her had given her pause. She had never noticed the blood or the smell.

Now she could hardly stand herself  She spent all of her time when she was not fighting trying to wash the blood off her hands.

In her non stop battle with the youaki who sought the jewel she had become a killer. Little more than animals like they were.She walked a path stained with blood. It was herself and this path that she sought to purify.

In the end it was all for nought. The youkai would simply keep coming. It was only a matter of time before she became exhausted from the non-stop fighting.

She had once been a pure priestess who served the kami. Now she was an animal drowning alone in a sea of blood and all of the water in the world would not purify her.. 

Current Location: Waterfall
Current Mood: dirty dirty
Current Music: Animal that I have become by Three Days Grace

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luxken27 From: luxken27 Date: January 13th, 2009 09:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
O.O Wow!! That was so amazing and powerful. What an en pointe description of Kikyo's existence, and the inner turmoil she must've struggled with after meeting and interacting with Inuyasha. I especially liked the theme of purifying herself throughout - not only for 'falling in love with a hanyou', but for the very actions that preserved her life.

Seriously - one of my favorite portrayals of her inner life. Thanks so much for writing it for me!
landofthekwt From: landofthekwt Date: January 13th, 2009 10:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you liked it. Inuyasha has made her reexamine her life. She has become little more than a killing machine. Protecting The Jewel has stolen what little humanity she had left. She tries to purify herself to reclaim her humanity, but the blood will not come off her hands.
luxken27 From: luxken27 Date: January 13th, 2009 10:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, as I said, I think you captured it perfectly. So much turmoil, so much regret...and yet, so much determination to make it all right. A bundle of fun, our girl.
3 comments or Leave a comment