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January 23rd

Rinne Cast Announced and First Footage
Along with posting the first footage on the official Rinne anime website the following cast members names have been released:
Kaito Ishikawa as Rinne Rokudo Marina Inoue as Sakura Mamiya Hitomi Nabatame as Rokumon Satsuki Yukino as Tamako Kappei Yamaguchi as Sabato Rokudo Source: Kyokai no Rinne Anime

January 22nd

Rinne Anime Debut Date
Kyokai no Rinne's anime debut has been set for Saturday, April 4, at 5:30 in the evening. As previously mentioned the show will debut on NHK'sE Tele channel. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news alert. Source: Anime News Network

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