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Inuyasha expires

Cartoon Network lost the rights to air Inuyasha on March 2,2014. The announcement was made via Tumbler and an announcement on Toonami  Episode 127 aired March 1  Inuyasha's 5;30 am slot will be filled by reruns of Symbiotic Titan

Sorry for the short notice, but we’re losing the rights to Inuyasha after this weekend, so starting Saturday 3/8 we’re replacing it with Symbionic Titan at 5:30a. Also Daylight Saving Time is 3/8, so we’re losing one hour JUST FOR THAT NIGHT. Soul Eater will not be affected, so Black Lagoon is still set to premiere on 3/22. GITS and FMAB will return as regularly scheduled on 3/15.

March 8th Line up will be -

Space Dandy



One Piece

Blue Exorcist

Soul Eater

Uncut Naruto

Samurai Jack




Inuyasha ran on Cartoon Network from 2002-2014. It was the reason that I turned into an Inuyasha freak. Taping all the episode on VhF so that I could watch them again and again. When they showed all 4 movies on Christmas I stayed up all night to watch them.
I was hoping that Cartoon Network would buy the rights to the Final Act so that when they finished this run of Inuyasha that they could start showing those. Now I think the chances of that happening are slim. I wish they had given us more notice and nun a mini marathon like they did when Cowboy Beebop went off the air  Instead ,they give their longest running show a blip on tumbler and an announcement on March 1,2014 Toonami that the rights to Toonami have expired. The Shonen Jump heavywieights are still there but it will just be the same without Inuyasha

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